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Posted on: November 14, 2019

Press Release - Celebrate America Recycles Day by Recycling Right!

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In celebration of this holiday, The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) has created a neighborhood programs webpage and partnered with Recycle By City to introduce a NEW local online guide to help you recycle right in your community, check it out here:

SWALCO has partnered with Recycle By City to develop more detailed recycling guidelines to assist Lake County residents and businesses recycle correctly. China’s decision to significantly reduce its imports of mixed paper and plastics and to demand cleaner recyclables has rippled throughout the markets and put a spotlight on contamination. The more contamination the higher the cost to process the material at recycling facilities. In turn, those costs are passed on to households and businesses.

“There is a major problem with contamination in the recycling economy right now,” said Glenn Ryback, current Chairman of the SWALCO Board of Directors and mayor of the Village of Wadsworth. “Recycling is more contaminated with non-recyclable trash than ever before, causing the cost to process recycled materials to increase. The SWALCO Board of Directors decided it needed to further improve the recycling education we provide our residents and businesses and approved the partnership with Recycle By City.”

SWALCO and Recycle By City created this online recycling guide to help reduce contamination in our recycling by providing simple visual and written guidelines on how to recycle right in your community (also available in Spanish). The recycling guide provides information regarding what can and cannot be recycled, composted or disposed of in the trash. The recycling tool is accessible online by computer or mobile device.

“SWALCO has a responsibility to assist our residents and businesses be better recyclers, reduce contamination rates and make our recycling plants more profitable in the process,” said Walter Willis, SWALCO executive director. “We believe this new website content will provide recyclers with the detailed knowledge they need about what can and can’t be recycled, and in the end reduce the confusion the general public has about how to recycle in today’s more complicated packaging environment.”   

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