Residential Recycling

The 60% Recycling Task Force developed residential recommendations around 8 core objectives, identifying methods for SWALCO, Lake County and its municipalities to realistically achieve a 60% recycling rate in the residential sector by the year 2020.
  1. Enhance & Expand Backyard Composting

    Find out what all has been recommended to SWALCO in regards to enhancing and expanding backyard composting.

  2. Enhance Existing Programs​

    View a table that details the enhancement of existing programs for residential recycling.

  3. Expand Multi-Family Recycling

    See what SWALCO can possibly do to expand to multi-family recycling within Lake County.

  4. Expand Use of Franchising

    Learn how SWALCO intends to expand the use of franchising in regards to residential recycling.

  5. Implement Food Scraps/Organics Collection Programs

    Learn about how SWALCO might implements food scrap / organic collection programs with Lake County.

  6. Mandatory Ordinances

    See what mandatory ordinances SWALCO might implement if voluntary recycling measures aren't successful.

  7. Material/Waste Stream for Recycling

    Find out what SWALCO will do to target specific materials in the material / waste stream for recycle.

  8. Unit Based Pricing or Pay as You Throw

    Learn about SWALCO's plans to expand access to unit based pricing or pay as you throw.