Status of SWALCO Member Implementation

The following tables show the progress that SWALCO members have made in implementing several of the key recommendations of the 60% Recycling Task Force Report, and their progress toward meeting the pounds per capita per day (PCD) disposal goals of 1.6 PCD by 2015 and 1.35 PCD by 2020.
​SWALCO Member ​Municipal Franchise ​Recycling Carts ​Cart Upgrade Option/Month ​Volume Based (PAYT) Option ​Multi-Family Ordinance or Franchise ​Commercial Franchise ​Construction and Demolition Debris Ordinance ​Hosts E-Scrap Collections ​Hosts Textile Collections ​Pharmaceuticals Collection
​Village of Antioch (PDF)
Yes ​Nov 2005 ​Annual - Sep ​Graduated ​Waste Management, Inc. ​Police Department
Village of Bannockburn (PDF) ​Yes ​Apr 2013 ​Annual - May ​Limited ​Yes
Village of Beach Park (PDF) Yes June 2014 Annual - May​ Limited​ Study 2015​​
Village of Deer Park (PDF)
​Yes ​May 2005 Anytime Limited
Village of Deerfield (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2006 ​Franchise ​Yes ​Yes
​Police Department
Village of Fox Lake (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2010 ​Franchise
​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
Village of Grayslake (PDF)
​Yes ​Jul 2002 Annual - Mar​ ​Graduated ​Ordinance ​Yes ​Yes ​Public Works Facility ​Public Works Facility Police Department​
Village of Green Oaks (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2007 ​Sticker
Village of Gurnee (PDF)
​Yes ​Jun 2001 ​Anytime ​Graduated Yes​ Fire Department No. 2
Village of Hainesville (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2002 ​Annual - May ​Limited ​Public Works Facility
Village of Hawthorn Woods (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2004 ​Annual - May ​Graduated ​Police Department
City of Highland Park (PDF)
Yes​ ​Oct 2010 ​Graduated & Sticker ​Franchise ​Yes ​Yes ​Public Works Facility Public Works Facility ​Police Department
City of Highwood (PDF)
​Yes ​May 2012 ​Annual - Apr ​Limited ​Franchise ​Yes ​City Hall
Village of Island Lake (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2010 Police Department​
Village of Kildeer (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2003 Annual - Mar​ ​Graduated
Village of Lake Barrington (PDF)
​Yes ​Oct 2013 ​Annual - Jun Prairieland Disposal Company
Village of Lake Bluff (PDF)
​Yes ​May 2007 Study 2015​ ​Yes ​​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
​City of Lake Forest ​Municipal ​Oct 2012 ​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
Village of Lake Villa (PDF)
​Yes ​Jul 2004 Annual - TBD​ ​Graduated
Village of Lake Zurich (PDF)
​Yes ​Nov 2002 Annual - Dec​ ​Limited ​Public Works Facility​ ​Police Department
​Village of Libertyville (PDF)
​Yes ​Jul 2010 Anytime​ ​Sticker ​Yes ​Yes
​Police Department
Village of Lincolnshire (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2003 Annual - Jan​ ​Graduated
Police Department​
Village of Lindenhurst (PDF)
​Yes ​Oct 2003 Annual - May​ Graduated Study 2015​​ ​Village Hall Police Department​
​Village of Long Grove ​Yes ​Feb 2014 Annual - May​ ​Graduated
Village of Mundelein (PDF) ​Yes ​May 2009 ​Anytime ​Sticker ​Franchise
​Park District ​Police Department
​Navy (Forest City Housing) ​Yes Jul 2013 ​Franchise
​Village of North Barrington (PDF) ​Yes ​Available
City of North Chicago (PDF) ​Yes ​Jan 2013 Annual - Mar​ Public Works Facility
​City of Park City (PDF)
​Yes ​Oct 2003 ​Graduated & Sticker
Village of Port Barrington (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2005 ​Annual - May
Village of Riverwoods (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2012 ​Any Time ​Limited Yes​
Village of Round Lake (PDF) ​Yes ​Jan 2004 ​Graduated
​Public Works Facility Police Department​
Village of Round Lake Beach (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2003 ​Annual - Apr ​Graduated Study 2015​​ ​Yes ​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
Village of Round Lake Heights (PDF)
​Yes ​Apr 2006 ​Graduated
Village of Round Lake Park (PDF) ​Yes ​Jun 2003 ​Limited ​Village Hall Police Department​
Village of Third Lake (PDF)
​Yes ​Nov 2004
Village of Tower Lakes (PDF)
Village of Vernon Hills (PDF)​ ​Yes ​Jul 2002 ​Graduated ​Franchise ​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
Village of Volo Yes Available

Village of Wadsworth (PDF)
​Licensed ​2013
Village of Wauconda (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2005 ​Public Works Facility Police Department
City of Waukegan (PDF)
​Yes ​Dec 2013 Limited​ ​Public Works Facility ​Public Works Facility Police Department
Village of Winthrop Harbor (PDF)
​Yes ​Oct 2004 ​Sticker
City of Zion (PDF) ​Yes ​Jan 2014 ​July 2014, one time ​Yes
​Public Works Facility ​Police Department
Lake County (PDF)
​Subscription ​Available ​Yes ​Yes Grant Township Highway Department, Wauconda Township Highway Department ​Lake County Division of Transportation - Libertyville, Warren Township Highway Department, West Deerfield Township