Community Participation

There are two ways you can participate:

  1. Individuals or families with just a few pairs of shoes (all types) they'd like to recycle from their home can stop by one of the drop-off locations, which include places like libraries, park districts, village halls and public works departments. Some drop-off locations operate year-round, while others sites operate on a shorter term basis, usually in the late winter and spring. Please look at the list of Year-Round Drop-off Collection Sites for the location nearest you or ask if your local workplace, library or park district is collecting during a particular time of year.  If you have more than 15-20 pairs of shoes, please contact SWALCO at 847-336-9340.
  2. Groups who have a larger number of shoes or would like to collect them, should not drop off at any of the drop-off sites.  Please contact SWALCO at 847-336-9340. Groups can register to collect any number of shoes – there is no minimum or maximum number you have to collect and it’s flexible and fun.
Sign Up to Be Part of the Fun: Register Your Group!
  • It's an opportunity to participate hands-on in a recycling program where old shoes are given a second life, keeping literally tons of "stuff" out of our rapidly depleting landfills.
  • You'll make a difference in your community that reaches beyond.
  • There's a flexible timeline and no maximum number of shoes to collect; you can collect 10 or 10,000 shoes.
  • Every one-all ages-can participate. Almost everyone has shoes they need homes for.
  • SWALCO provides materials and resources to help.
  • Your organization will be recognized.
  • There are opportunities to win cool, eco-friendly prizes!
  • There are ideas and activities for corporate and community Green Teams, Scouts, Schools, Youth Groups, and others.
  • It's fun and it's free!

Please contact Merleanne Rampale directly at 847-377-4954     if you'd like to be part of the fun and make a difference in your community.  All groups must register, complete and return an Agreement/Application that will be sent with a list of Program Guidelines that need to be followed.

If you are a return group, please contact Merleanne for the agreement form and let her know when you will be beginning your next collection. Some groups may decide to do a 1-3 month collection, while others may decide to collect longer. All registered groups will have an opportunity to win eco-friendly prizes and awards and all groups will receive a special certificate. 

Reuse-A-Shoe Flyer2
Reuse a shoe group photo